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Why We Loved Sierra Games: King’s Quest 2015: An Opinionated Review by a crotchety Sierra fan who remembers 1984


It’s finally here!

This review/retrospective tackles why we loved Sierra games against the backdrop of King’s Quest 2015. It tries to provide tangible game design reasons about what made classic Sierra games special, with a particular focus on the special relationship between storytelling and puzzles. And of course a look at how KQ2015 measures up.

Even if you don’t ultimately agree with my opinions, it should be a fun, nostalgic romp through Sierra games as it also tries to celebrate Sierra games and their creators. It contains clips from almost all the Sierra games, interview excerpts from most of the original designers, lots of classic Sierra music, and a tribute to Gary Owens.

TEASER: Why We Loved Sierra Games King’s Quest 2015: An Opinionated Review by a crotchety Sierra fan who remembers 1984

King's Quest MMXV:
An Opinionated Review:
by a crotchety Sierra fan who remembers 1984

Yeah, it’s been awhile, but I have some big things coming soon.

For Sierra adventure game fans, or anybody interested in video game history, or game design, or the new King’s Quest reboot, here are 3 teasers/trailers for my upcoming video “review”.

Why We Loved Sierra Games:
King’s Quest MMXV: An Opinionated Review by a crotchety Sierra fan who remembers 1984

“Review” might not be the correct word, but “documentary”, “retrospective”, “game design analysis”, all seem to not be quite right. Hence, 3 teasers to try to convey what this thing is.

YouTube PlayList for all 3 teasers (or watch inline below):

My artcle at Information Week:Why Valve's SteamOS Could Be Revolutionary


I contributed an article to Information Week about Valve and it was finally posted today!

My suggested title was:

Steam's Counterstrike


Steam's Global Offensive

with the deck of:

Valve launches a massive counterstrike against Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Apple, Google, and could win the world.


As PC gaming is left for dead, Valve launches a massive counterstrike against Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Apple, Google, opening a portal that could lead to the day of defeat of the ancients.

(I guess it was too geeky for them.)

Basically, it is about how SteamOS and Steam Machines can disrupt multiple industries: console, desktop, Hollywood, and mobile,

and how this could affect big named companies: Microsoft, Apple, Google, Sony, Nintendo, Amazon, Netflix, Dell, HP, Canonical (Ubuntu), Samsung.

Video Game Evolution (Observations over 30 years)


Last month, I had the privilege to give the keynote speech at CODAME Art + Tech. The theme was video games. Additionally, the Digital Game Museum attended and brought exhibits to show. They are about preserving video games, including things like original art content, boxes, manuals, posters, etc. Check them out.

So I took on the impossible task of trying to give a quick speech about 30 years of video games. But I immediately realized I couldn't do a conventional speech trying to cover all games from Space War! and Pong to Grand Theft Auto V. It would be too long (boring) and I would only upset people by omitting their favorite game.

Instead, I decided to do a case study approach focusing on the evolution of 3 famous franchises: Pac-Man, Robotron, and Galaga. …

My DuckTales Remastered Commentary: The best Let's Play you'll never hear


People have wanted to know my thoughts on the new DuckTales Remastered since I wrote the DuckTales 25th Anniversary Retrospective.

For authenticity, I wanted to do a Let's Play as I played the game for the first time. And to really geek it up and distinguish it from any other commentary, I invited my friends Niem and Joe who are also fans of the show, know the comics, and know lots of video game history too. 

But this was my first ever Let's Play, and of course I totally screwed up the audio balance. So this is the best commentary you'll never hear [sniff]. 

The commentary was really unique as we were able to reminisce about the television series, the Carl Barks comics, and other classic video games. …

iOS 7 Parallax Home Screen & UIKit Dynamics

As both a long time Mac/iOS developer as well as a long time cross-platform game engine developer, I'm being asked a lot about the game-like features coming in iOS 7, and if Apple has lost any grand vision and the ability to innovate. The features I'm getting asked most about are the Parallax Scrolling on the new Home Screen, SpriteKit, and the physics/motion engine available through both SpriteKit and UIKit Dynamics.

Since I'm a long time Mac/iOS developer, I am very familiar with Apple's NDAs, so I will be very careful about what I say. However, enough information is already public that I can answer a few of these questions at a high level.

So let me paraphrase the most frequently asked question I get and use my response to tie in all the other questions I get about physics and Apple's vision:

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