Useless, Ambiguous Information About Me

Greetings! I’m not the most web savvy person. I’ve actually avoided having a website for a very long time because I’m one of those paranoid/privacy people. 

I did once have a website (co-run with a few friends), but it focused on a particular subject rather than us. (I wonder if anybody remembers that website.) But we were burned and also burned out on it. That began a long absence from the web as a content provider.

Since then, I have popped up on a few mailing lists, contributed to some open source projects, and occasionally contributed to other websites while trying to avoid ownership. But on occasion, I find that there are things I have that are of interest to others, but I am unable to find somebody else to host it and take responsibility for it. (I recently took some ridicule for not having a website in which one person quipped, ‘Even my printer has a website.’ FYI, my printer also from another era only has telnet.) So I am (reluctantly) creating a new website here for that purpose.

Back in the day, we either wrote all the HTML by hand, or wrote custom Perl scripts to auto-generate/auto-format information. Web standards were sorely lacking and we cared about compatibility as our group used an assortment of different machines and browsers (Windows, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, Mac Classic, I personally using the first 3 in the list). We tested against various versions of Netscape, with Netscape 3 being our base. I think we also had an early version of Microsoft Internet Explorer we tested against. And we actually tested in Lynx (text-only browser).

My how a lot of time has passed. Upon reflection, I realize I don’t have the time or interest to do that anymore. So here I am using Apple iWeb (update: now Sandvox) (being a semi-recent Apple adopter, though I still have Windows and Linux running on other machines), not caring about or wanting to touch the underlying HTML. And I’m not sure if I actually care if this this doesn’t render correctly in Internet Explorer or Lynx.

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