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Git Superprojects & Mercurial Forests


git-logoI know most of the world is still trying to grok distributed SCM while it is something that I have simply come to expect. I probably should write up something about Git and Mercurial to help bridge the gap between my mindset and where most people probably (currently) are, as this writing will show my complete acceptance of the distributed model. …

Sandvox vs iWeb 2


So anybody who knows anything about iWeb 2 probably realizes that this template I'm currently using doesn't exist in iWeb. I'm now trying Sandvox by Karelia instead.

Sandvox is a web site building tool much like iWeb. In fact, it actually launched a little before iWeb was announced so the folks at Karelia had the misfortune of seeing their innovative product suddenly have a direct competitor from Apple almost overnight. …

Upgrading to Debian Etch


Well, it's official. It's time to upgrade my Debian box.

My Debian Sarge box has been relatively untouched doing a few specific duties and has fallen into a dilapidated state. The last time I did a security update that involved a kernel update, I got into trouble because I was using the proprietary Nvidia driver for X and I was unable to get it working again with the kernel update so I ended up living dangerously and used the older kernel.

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