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SDL_Clipboard API Prototype/Proposal

Paste Example snapshot

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Cross-platform copy & paste support comes up once in a blue moon on the SDL mailing list.

Sam Lantinga (the main author of SDL) implemented a demo piece called SDL_scrap some years ago. Several years ago, I tried the code and decided to modify it because it didn't meet my needs.

Behringer MiniMon Mon800 Review: Mix audio from multiple devices to one set of speakers

Behringer MiniMon Mon800

With all my recent talk of triple-booting, I might be giving the wrong impression. Generally speaking, I am not a fan of multi-booting, and without hardware accelerated OpenGL, virtualization is of limited use to me.

So my solution has been to run multiple computers. This has many well-known downsides. …

Initial Impressions (and Criticisms) of Debian Lenny


To my shock, the next iteration of Debian was released and it hasn't been an eternity. For those who don't use Debian, releases in the past have taken very long amounts of time. It is usually the butt of jokes along with Windows (Vista) release cycle times.

I actually put off upgrading to Etch until only a little over a year ago expecting I would still have at least several more years before Lenny.

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