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Adventures with DD-WRT Part 4: Zeroconf should be available on all network devices, including routers


Apple_Bonjour_IconLast time, we got JFFS and a USB drive working on the DD-WRT router. Now I want to put it to use. 

The first thing I want is Zeroconf. While all my OS X readers are very familiar with the technology and understand its powerful implications, there are still many circles outside that don't. 

Adventures with DD-WRT Part 3: Enabling JFFS & Adding USB Storage


In the previous part, we successfully flashed DD-WRT on an Asus WL-520gU router. But my goal is to go beyond the standard firmware and install additional software on this router. To do that, I need to enable JFFS2, which basically transforms the remaining free area of the ROM into disk space, and enable USB support so I can plug in additional storage if needed.

Adventures with DD-WRT Part 2: Picking a Firmware & Initial Flashing


Disclaimer: I am documenting what I did myself. There may be errors or omissions. The process is long, complicated, and convoluted. I am not responsible for any loss of data or damage that may occur if you try this yourself. You have been warned.

As I mentioned in the previous part

Flashing Linux on a Home Router: Adventures with DD-WRT and an Asus WL-520gU Part 1: Introduction


DDwrt.logoRecently, my router died. It was made by D-Link and it was cheap. It also barely worked. The built-in software had bugs and certain combinations of settings were impossible to set even though the options were perfectly reasonable. There were also periods where the device needed rebooting constantly. …

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