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Adventures with DD-WRT Addendum: Switching from DD-WRT to Tomato


I thought the last part would actually be my last part. But shortly after I wrote up the initial draft of my complete Adventures with DD-WRT, I encountered an application that was having trouble with the UPnP/NAT-PMP that I had set up. Strangely, this particular application worked with the built-in UPnP of DD-WRT, but failed with my MiniUPnP bypass. …

Adventures with DD-WRT Part 9: Conclusion

So this concludes my adventures with DD-WRT (for now).

There are plenty of other things to install. I may eventually get around to installing those. But of the remaining components that interest me, there is at least documentation. So I don't feel compelled to write up those pieces as I did for Avahi and MiniUPnP.

Adventures with DD-WRT Part 8: How I built a cheap Apple Airport Base Station substitute for $30


Ha ha. Okay, it was closer to $35 for me, but I'm told if you wait for the right time, you can buy an Asus WL-520gU for $30 or less.

But the question has been asked of me, "Is this just a way of getting an Apple Airport without paying for one?", or "Why didn't you just buy an Apple Airport?"

Adventures with DD-WRT Part 7: Installing MiniUPnP

So it seems enough people are having problems with DD-WRT's built-in UPnP support, that there is an automated script that has been written that will fetch a prebuilt MiniUPnP package from a server, unpack it into the RAM disk, run the daemon, and reconfigure the firewall rules.

Adventures with DD-WRT Part 6: UPnP and NAT-PMP


DD-WRT ships with a UPnP implementation built-in. However, according to multiple posts I've found, the implementation seems to be kind of broken. There are a sufficient number of applications that fail to operate with DD-WRT's chosen UPnP daemon that many users in the community have worked around it.

Adventures with DD-WRT Part 5: Installing Optware & Avahi (Zeroconf)



Last time, I laid out my motivations of why I want Zeroconf on the router. Now let's actually do it. I will use Avahi because there are prebuilt packages available for it.

I actually tried two different ways, but the first way didn't work.

With the first way, I noticed there was a direct Avahi package available from the OpenWRT and I was under the impression from the documentation that DD-WRT had support for OpenWRT packages. …

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