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Mercurial Forests: A Real World Example (LuaDoc with CMake)


(Update 2009/09/04: I added a new entry on Mercurial Subrepos which is slated to replace Forests.Link here)

In my last entry, we created a Git Superproject for LuaDoc and its dependencies. For comparison, let's repeat the example using the Mercurial Forest Extension.

Because the Forest is still an unofficial extension, you may need to configure/install things for your Mercurial installation. …

Git Superproject and Submodules: A Real World Example (LuaDoc with CMake)



In my previous entry on Git Superprojects and Mercurial Forests, I didn't have any examples. I meant to do that, but didn't finish that. Having a horrible memory for these things, I regret that very much because it meant I didn't have a good reference to go back to.

Not wanting to repeat that mistake again, I have implemented a Git Superproject and Submodules for a real world project that I needed to get fixed. …

LuaObjCBridge & LuaCore Updates


I've been working with the LuaObjCBridge (by Tom McClean) and LuaCore (by Gus Mueller). I've encountered some bugs, limitations, and things that needed improvement. As I'm already forgetting what changes I've made, I decided I better document them and push them back out for the public to test and improve. …

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