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New Screencasts Uploaded on Getting Started With CMake (An End-User's Perspective)


I just uploaded a set of new screencasts. I've been sitting on this since for 5 months now, just to show you how far behind I am in things. But I worked really hard to improve the production and post-production quality over my last set of videos.

Now that YouTube has an HD option, using them as the primary server is no longer a problem for me.

Create a Triple-boot Mac/Windows/Linux system and share/reuse with VMWare... In just 19 easy steps! (In the basement of your home, to amuse yourself and your friends)

Disk Utility resize partition


I setup a triple-boot Mac/Windows/Linux system about 6 months ago with which partitions I shared with virtualization. Unfortunately, I sat on this document too long without finishing it and have forgotten what I did to make it work. At this point, I'm just going to push out my notes as I have them now and hope it still may be helpful to somebody out there. …

Book Review: Core Animation for Mac OS X and the iPhone by Bill Dudney

What is Core Animation?

Core Animation is a powerful new Apple technology that debuted with Mac OS X Leopard. As it was later revealed, it was a technology that originated for the iPhone.

Core Animation is actually comprised of two different technologies:

1) An animation technology

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