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Big Behind-the-Scenes changes for SDL 1.2.14 on Mac OS X (Snow Leopard)

Xcode Tiger Templates

SDL logo

At least from my perspective, there has been a surprising amount of work and effort put into the (upcoming) maintenance release of SDL 1.2.14 for the Mac. Many of the changes have been focused on modifying the Mac code base to support Snow Leopard, particularly 64-bit. As I understand it, Ryan Gordon has spent the time cleaning up the codebase with help from user patch submissions in the SDL Bugzilla to modernize the codebase. …

Norman Borlaug: The Man Who Saved More People Than Anyone Else in History, Has Died

I don't plan to talk much about current events on this blog, but Norman Borlaug more than anybody deserves an exception. No person in history has done more good for the world than Dr. Borlaug.

Dr. Norman Borlaug was an agricultural scientist who developed high-yield crop techniques and other agricultural innovations, credited with averting global famine in the latter half of the 20th century. …

Another C vs. C++ incompatibility rant: Void parameter lists

C++ Stupidity

Ugh. C++ always finds another way to irk me.

I finally upgraded one of my systems to Snow Leopard and am trying out all the new compilers (gcc 4.2, llvm/gcc, clang). In addition, Apple sent me back a bug report telling me they fixed a problem with OpenAL buffer unqueuing returning the wrong buffer id, and wanted me to test it in Snow Leopard. 

Found the Braid Stars






I'm going to talk about some hidden things in the video game Braid.

Stop reading if you don't want to spoil the secrets.

Murky: A Cocoa GUI front-end for Mercurial

Murky Screenshot


One of the things I miss from the days just before the great Linux/Bitkeeper schizm is the Bitkeeper GUI front-end tools. Obviously, since the great fallout, I have moved away from Bitkeeper and have been alternating between Git and Mercurial as I get the chance. But to this day, I still miss the GUI tools Bitkeeper provided. …

Sandvox updates comment support; Picking a new comment system


A long time ago, I posted about trying to pick a comment system. At the time, Haloscan was the built-in option for Sandvox, and JS-Kit was the only other alternative I could find.

I was worried about Haloscan because there were complaints that comments were deleted after one year. …

Mercurial Subrepos: A past example revisited with a new technique


A while ago, I did a back-to-back comparison of Git and Mercurial on how to create aggregate projects containing unrelated repositories. For Git, I used the submodule option. For Mercurial, I used the Forest Extension. Since then, Mercurial (1.3) has rolled out a new experimental feature called

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