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WaveInterference (OpenGL Shaders at CocoaHeads)


RainbowWave (WaveInterference)So as I try to think of things to fill in my blog, this is one of the significant ones because this is one of the reasons behind me leaving my anonymity behind.

At CocoaHeads in Silicon Valley some number of months ago, I gave a short demo on using OpenGL shaders to offload processing onto the graphics card. …

Making Comments and Trackbacks harder than they should be

I’ve been investigating how to add commenting support to this blog. The easy way would be to sign up for .Mac (since I’m using iWeb at the moment). But I have a very hard time parting with money. Some features of .Mac I already have available to me, and some others I don’t care about, which means the cost per-feature list of remaining features that are useful to me seem pretty steep with the $100/yr price tag of .…

On Time Machine Errors and Data Integrity...


Today I got my first serious error with Time Machine. An automated hourly backup was running when all of a sudden an alert panel popped up saying there was some error and Time Machine failed to backup. (Not very helpful.)

I immediately tried to run a manual backup, and the same error occurred. …

Advertising a legacy network printer with Bonjour (with a little help from launchd)



Rendezvous is truly revolutionary. It's one of the things that is going to have the largest impact on application design over the next couple of years. All the UIs, and all the security models, are going to have to be rethought once all applications are rendezvous-enabled. …

Leopard Printer Driver Gripes


So printer support has been an annoyance to me recently. I upgraded my systems to Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. It seems that printer drivers are a problem for me. First, I have an old Lemark Optra S 1625 laser printer (bought used). The Tiger drivers worked fine, but in Leopard, almost all the drivers for the Lexmark Optra series no longer exist. …

My First Blog

Silly iWeb default image

Greetings! This is the first entry in my first blog. I’m not sure what to say.

<At this point the reader realizes nothing profound will be found here.>

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