LuaCocoa v0.3 Released


I am happy to announce the third public release of LuaCocoa (v. 0.3).

This version is mostly a Xcode 4 and Lion compatibility release, but also includes a handful of improvements.

Release Notes for v 0.3: (Xcode 4 / Lion compatibility changes, final PowerPC release?)

- Changed LuaCocoa to use the non-'Full' .bridgesupport files instead of the 'Full' bridgesupport files because Lion removed the 'Full' versions without warning.

- As fallout from this change, LuaCocoa no longer requires Obj-C classes to be fully specified in BridgeSupport data to refer to them in Lua code (i.e. Using NSClassFromString to refer to a is no longer necessary to refer to an unspecified class.)

- Added new Xcode 4 project to deal with Xcode 4 compatibility, plus minor Xcode script phase compatibility fixes.

- This might be the last PowerPC release because building PowerPC is hard in Xcode 4 and Lion

- Remove use of helper categories in LuaCocoa implementation to avoid headaches with static linking.

- Added APIS: LuaCocoa_PrependToLuaSearchPath, LuaCocoa_PrependToCSearchPath, LuaCocoa_AppendToCSearchPath. These APIs help you add more search paths for Lua plugins and Lua files.

- The LuaCocoa class will add the .app bundle's PlugIns path to the begining of the search path.

- The luacocoa shell tool has been modified to look in */Library/Application Support/LuaCocoa/PlugIns for additional .so modules, and */Library/Application Support/LuaCocoa/Scripts for additional .lua scripts.

- Bug fix for returning const char* (strings) through the bridge, e.g. nstring:UTF8String().

- Added new preprocessor define LUACOCOA_DONT_USE_BUNDLED_LUA_HEADERS so #include "lua.h" can be used instead of <LuaCocoa/lua.h> in case people need to use a custom version of Lua which is not located in a LuaCocoa subdirectory (for people building LuaCocoa themselves).

- Optional Source Code: Added simple lua_isinteger implementation to stand in for projects that need LuaCocoa but use a stock version of Lua without LNUM. It is located the the directory: 'etc'

- Updated bundled LPeg to 0.10.

- Doxygen (in repo): Experimenting with man page generation in addition to html and Xcode DocSets

To learn more about LuaCocoa and grab the binaries, please visit:

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