Spring 2017 blog update summaries

It has been a long time since I posted anything. It has been a very tough year for me personally. But I need to announce some things, so I’m doing a simultaneous dump. This is a short summary to each of the new entries.

Carlos Icaza (RIP)

Most publically, was the death of my mentor, friend, and former co-founder Carlos Icaza. Since we were engineers and entrepenuers working on video game engines and tools, I decided writing a demo in his memory would be the most fitting thing I could do. Read more about about it in my Dance of the Fairies entry.

Swift on Android / try! Swift Tokyo

I was recently invited to speak at the try! Swift Tokyo conference about Swift on AndroidYou can read more about that here. Incidentally, Carlos had over 18,000 followers on Twitter for his @CodingInSwift channel. With over 700 people attending the conference, debuting Dance of the Fairies there seemed to be the appropriate venue.

Blurrr SDK

Timed with my speech at try! Swift, I’ve finally publically announced the new SDK I’ve been developing, Blurrr SDK. This is the reason I am one of like four experts in the world that know anything about Swift on Android. Launching Blurrr at try! Swift made sense. And of course, Dance of the Fairies was made with Blurrr.

Sierra fans & Why We Loved Sierra Games (follow-up)

I just wanted to say thank you for all the overwhelmingly positive responses people continue to give me for Why We Loved Sierra Games

There was also a lot of stuff on the cutting room floor and a lot of other things that just didn’t fit at all. The idea for Dance of the Fairies is one of these things.

So while it is also a tribute to my friend Carlos, it is also dedicated to Sierra On-Line fans everywhere. 

DuckTales 2017

With the new DuckTales reboot coming, the deaths of Alan Young and Chris Barat, and as the author of the DuckTales 25th Anniversary Retrospective, I’ve gotten some questions from people for my opinion. So here it is. Also, I have some interesting pictures from McDuck’s at DisneySea from Tokyo. 

(It’s interesting how every one of these topics connects with something from the others.)

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