Video Game Evolution
 (Observations over 30 years)


Last month, I had the privilege to give the keynote speech at CODAME Art + Tech. The theme was video games. Additionally, the Digital Game Museum attended and brought exhibits to show. They are about preserving video games, including things like original art content, boxes, manuals, posters, etc. Check them out.

So I took on the impossible task of trying to give a quick speech about 30 years of video games. But I immediately realized I couldn't do a conventional speech trying to cover all games from Space War! and Pong to Grand Theft Auto V. It would be too long (boring) and I would only upset people by omitting their favorite game.

Instead, I decided to do a case study approach focusing on the evolution of 3 famous franchises: Pac-Man, Robotron, and Galaga. Unfortunately, I was told at the last minute I had less time than I expected so I had to cut Galaga.

  • Pac-Man → Pac-Mania → Pac-Man Arrangement → Pac-Man Championship Edition DX
  • Robotron 2084 → Smash TV → Robotron X → Geometry Wars 2

Everybody seemed to really enjoy the speech and wanted more, so I was very happy. I've posted the talk on YouTube. Please check it out.

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