Why We Loved Sierra Games: 
King’s Quest 2015:
An Opinionated Review
 by a crotchety Sierra fan who remembers 1984

It’s finally here!

Why We Loved Sierra Games: King's Quest 2015: An Opinionated Review by a crotchety Sierra fan who remembers 1984

This review/retrospective tackles why we loved Sierra games against the backdrop of King’s Quest 2015. It tries to provide tangible game design reasons about what made classic Sierra games special, with a particular focus on the special relationship between storytelling and puzzles. And of course a look at how KQ2015 measures up.

Even if you don’t ultimately agree with my opinions, it should be a fun, nostalgic romp through Sierra games as it also tries to celebrate Sierra games and their creators. It contains clips from almost all the Sierra games, interview excerpts from most of the original designers, lots of classic Sierra music, and a tribute to Gary Owens.

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