Presentation at CocoaHeads (Silicon Valley) on iOS Audio & OpenAL


This is a two hour presentation by me (Eric Wing) on programming iOS Audio & OpenAL based on Beginning iPhone Games Development. The talk was presented at the Silicon Valley Chapter of CocoaHeads for the August 18th, 2011 meeting, hosted at the Google campus in Mountain View, CA.

The first third of the talk focuses on iOS Audio, and the remaining two-thirds of the talk deal with cross-platform OpenAL. This is probably the longest presentation ever given on OpenAL.

My thanks to Tedd Fox for organizing CocoaHeads, David Phillip Oster for providing the room at Google (and not kicking me out when criticizing/ranting about audio on Android (though he already knew the answer when he asked the question :P)), and Alix Herrmann for recording the presentation.


In addition to the video camera, I tried to record a screencast of the presentation, but ran out of disk space about 30 minutes in, hence the change in audio quality in the video. I had to re-record the slides and splice them into the video in post-production because I felt they were more valuable than video footage of me talking. (I hope all the audio is in-sync.)

A few minutes of footage was lost in the middle due to needing to change tapes.

In my discussion about the alBufferDataStatic extension, I didn't articulate well that 1) you (still) need to free your PCM buffer after you call alDeleteBuffers and 2) the race-condition may lead to a crash when you do this, which is at the heart why using this extension is so evil.

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