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See the latest news on the News & Stuff page. You may also want to check out my personal blog which may contain other items not directly related to the book but still may be of interest to developers.

Blog article on Retina Display by Cyril Wei

Unfortunately, this book was written and went to publication before iPhone 4, so users running the examples particularly from Chapter 4 may experience resolution/sizing problems issues when running at higher resolutions. 

Industrious reader, Cyril Wei, took the initiative and wrote a blog article on how to fix these problems. You may find the article at:

New Video Available: Presentation at CocoaHeads (Silicon Valley) on iOS Audio & OpenAL

I gave a presentation about iOS Audio and OpenAL to promote the book two weeks ago at the Silicon Valley Chapter of CocoaHeads. The video is now up on YouTube. Follow the link here.

Updated Code Download at Google Code

Sorry this has taken so long. I don't understand why it is so difficult for Apress to update their download links. They have stopped responding to my emails about this, so I have decided to put the new download on Google Code. You can download the zip file here. These contain the Xcode 4 project fixes I mentioned in the last post.

Updates and A Warm 'Thank You' to John Sung!


Recently, reader John Sung sent me an email asking for some help with some compile problems with Core Audio and OpenAL. In his gratitude, he sent me a $50 donation as a thank you.

I am moved by John's generosity. I never expected anybody to do something like that so I really wanted to give a public acknowledgement of this. The truth is that I earned very little money from the book so $50 is actually a sizable amount compared to what I've actually earned.

So John's generosity has has inspired me to pass it along to other. As may you know, I've been trying to raise awareness and funds for GIST cancer and I will continue to do so. But with the recent disasters in Japan, this time I've decided to kick  it to the American Red Cross as the immediate needs seem more pressing. I hope you will consider donations for GIST, the Red Cross, or whatever organizations you deem worthy.

Next, I've spent my weekend updating the Xcode projects for the book to work with Xcode 4 out of the box, and I've finally updated the errata page. So you can thank John for all this as it was unclear if any of this would happen. The errata page is up now. The new source download will be available hopefully in a few days. (I need Apress to put it up on their server.)

Finally, I just want to give a nice plug for some of the cool stuff John is working on. He wrote a MIDI song player in Java a few years ago which can be found at (Requires Windows.) He is now porting it to iOS on his free time. To get this to work on iOS, he is writing his own FM synthesizer using OpenAL to play individual notes. 

I think this is very ambitious and very cool! I love hearing about the projects readers like you are working on, so feel free to drop me a line. So John really made my day. He showed me a cool project and sent me a donation! Thank you again John!

New video of Space Rocks!

I made a video recording of Space Rocks! so you can see it in action. I also added some overlay text to make it double as kind of an ad. Everything else (including the music) is generated from the game. Head over to the Image Gallery to see it, or follow this link directly to it.

New Image Gallery

I posted a small image gallery of some of the more scenic projects we do in the book. Check it out.

Errata & Additional Notes page posted

I've just posted a page containing corrections, know issues, clarifications, and anything else I think may be helpful. Most of these have been brought up in the forum. 

There is a link called "Errata" at the top in the navigation bar. Or follow the link here.

Physical Book Arrived and Now Shipping!

Physical Book Arrived and Now Shipping!

The print book finally arrived. (This is the first time I've seen it.) Actually, it arrived a week ago (Thursday), but I've been swamped trying to get a new iPhone app finished. 

Appropriately, the pictures were taken with an iPhone.

We're #1 on Amazon!

We're #1 on Amazon!

Woo-hoo! Our book is #1 in the Game Programming category on the Amazon Bestsellers list.

Mario.jpg and other missing sprites for Chapter 4

It appears the current source package on the Apress site is missing a media subdirectory used in Chapter 4. For now, here is a separate download package that contains mario.jpg and other missing sprite atlases. I hope we can consolidate these into the single package in the near future.

Download figures.tar.gz

Google Books Limited Preview

Beginning iPhone Games Development is now on Google Books. A limited preview is available. Just click on the Google Preview button in the sidebar.

Table of Contents posted

Apress told me it still may be awhile before they post the book's table of contents so I should go ahead and do it myself if I wish. I couldn't figure out a clever way to take the PDF's table of contents and convert it into HTML, so I ended up doing it the brute force way with a lot of copy & paste and handcrafted HTML/CSS, not to mention many hours trying to pass the W3C validation tests. (HTML is not my thing.) Bleh!

But I think the results came out pretty well. Hopefully there are no copy & paste errors or omissions.

Click here for the Table of Contents for Beginning iPhone Games Development.

Update: I've been tweaking the table of contents. It now contains a brief summary at the top with hyperlinks to the full description at the bottom. I also invented logical section divisions to the brief section.

Links being added

I'm adding links to the Links page as they become available. You may want to periodically check it for updates over the next few weeks.

Source Code Download Location

It appears that some people are having trouble finding where to download the source code (including me =P). The links can be found on the Apress page for the book, on the left-side column near the bottom. Or click this link to download directly.

For convenience, I have added links in my Links section on this site. And here's a link.

There is still work being done at Apress to update their page, so links may get broken. Please let me know if any of my links here break.

Update: Please see this post.

Discussion Forum

We now have a Discussion Forum for the book! Forum here. (Link is also at the top in the navbar.) 

eBook now shipping

The book has finally launched and now this site with it. eBook versions are available now directly from Apress. Physical books are being printed as we speak and should be available really soon. You can buy them from Amazon or your favorite book stores.

Keep watching this site. I hope to add more information and maybe some supplemental material as time goes on.

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