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A Warm 'Thank You' to John Sung!

Recently, reader John Sung sent me an email asking for some help with some compile problems with Core Audio and OpenAL. In his gratitude, he sent me a $50 donation as a thank you.

I am moved by John's generosity. I never expected anybody to do something like that so I really wanted to give a public acknowledgement of this. The truth is that I earned very little money from the book so $50 is actually a sizable amount compared to what I've actually earned.

So John's generosity has has inspired me to pass it along to other. As may you know, I've been trying to raise awareness and funds for GIST cancer and I will continue to do so. But with the recent disasters in Japan, this time I've decided to kick  it to the American Red Cross as the immediate needs seem more pressing. I hope you will consider donations for GIST, the Red Cross, or whatever organizations you deem worthy.

Next, I've spent my weekend updating the Xcode projects for the book to work with Xcode 4 out of the box, and I've finally updated the errata page. So you can thank John for all this as it was unclear if any of this would happen. The errata page is up now. The new source download will be available hopefully in a few days. (I need Apress to put it up on their server.)

Finally, I just want to give a nice plug for some of the cool stuff John is working on. He wrote a MIDI song player in Java a few years ago which can be found at http://www.sing1234567.com. (Requires Windows.) He is now porting it to iOS on his free time. To get this to work on iOS, he is writing his own FM synthesizer using OpenAL to play individual notes. 


I think this is very ambitious and very cool! I love hearing about the projects readers like you are working on, so feel free to drop me a line. So John really made my day. He showed me a cool project and sent me a donation! Thank you again John!

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