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LuaCocoa is the next-generation successor to the LuaObjCBridge for Objective-C 2.0.It uses BridgeSupport, libffi, and a whole lot of blood, sweat, and tears to bridge both C and Objective-C including objects, constants, enums, functions, and structs.

It is similar to PyObjC, RubyCocoa, and JSCocoa.

LuaCocoa is under the MIT license.

Official Site:

Doxygen Documentation is provided for working on the C and Objective-C side of the bridge. See both the documentation for the LuaCocoa Objective-C class and the support C functions.

See also:
LuaCocoa LuaCocoa.h

For working on the Lua side of the bridge, see the Documentation page on the official site and the Samples included in the source repository, official distribution.

Dedication: In memory of my mother who lost her long fight to GIST cancer. (Much of this code was written during long waits at the hospital.)