How to build from the command line (Mac OS X / OpenSceneGraph)

This demonstrates how to build an OpenSceneGraph program using the command line (

This does not cover comprehensive build systems such as Makefiles, CMake, or IDEs. This is simply to familiarize the viewer with the command line basics and how to deal with frameworks. Stay tuned for future tutorials on using CMake.

Additional Notes: OpenSceneGraph has since switched out osgProducer for osgViewer. osgProducer is still available and the screencast still may used, but for osgViewer, simply replace osgProducer for osgViewer and you no longer need the Producer dependency. You also may remove the -D__USE_OSX_AGL_IMPLEMENTATION__ as this flag is not used by osgViewer.

This file is hosted at OpenSceneGraph under the Mac OS X Tips section on the Wiki and is also mirrored on YouTube.

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