About the Book

Have you always wanted to write a game but didn't know how? Well, here's your chance to learn!

For the beginning game programmer:

This book covers the basics of what you need to know to get started writing your game for iPhone OS (now renamed iOS) with Objective-C and Cocoa Touch (UIKit). Then all the different drawing APIs are covered in detail: UIView, Quartz 2D, Core Animation, and OpenGL ES, allowing you to pick the technology that best suits your game's needs. 

Bricker3Similarly, multiple audio services provided by Core Audio are covered: AudioToolbox, System Sound Services, Audio Session Services, AVFoundation, Media Player Framework, Audio Queue Services and OpenAL.

Finally, the book concludes teaching you how to add networking to your game using peer-to-peer networking techniques provided by GameKit or client-server networking techniques using more traditional techniques with sockets (via CFNetwork). And of course, you'll learn service discovery with Bonjour.

My Secret Secondary Objective: For the OpenAL programmer:

My contribution to the book was the audio section. Ironically, the most popular article on my web site is on OpenGL so the natural question is, 'why did you chose to do audio?' My reason is because even though OpenAL has been a cross-platform standard for roughly a decade now, there have been very few (if any) books written on it. I wanted to change that. So I have strived to write the authoritative learning book on OpenAL.

So even though this is technically an iPhone centric book, I made a serious effort to also appeal to developers who wish to learn OpenAL regardless of platform. As an example, I have included some of the nitty-gritty implementation details and differences of the different OpenAL implementations such as Creative Labs (Windows and Xbox/Xbox 360), OpenAL Soft, and Apple (Mac OS X and iPhone OS)).


So if you want to learn about OpenAL, I hope you will benefit from this book too. Yes, the examples are written in C/Objective-C, but for the non-Apple developers out there, I hope you may be able to look past the Objective-C and just consider it a form of pseudocode. Objective-C is very verbose so it is easy to read.

Buy This Book!

So if you want to learn how to write games for iOS, buy this book! Or if you want to learn and master OpenAL, buy this book too! At 728 pages, there's plenty of material for everybody!

For more details about what is covered in the book, check out the table of contents here. A Google Limited Preview is also available. (Click the button in the sidebar.)

You can buy the book in eBook form directly from Apress here or in physical form from Amazon here.

And don't forget to check out the Image Gallery! And OpenAL readers should pay extra attention to the video noting that all the sound was rendered through OpenAL.

Still not convinced? Check out the 2 hour presentation I did for the book at the Silicon Valley chapter of CocoaHeads.

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