Apple TV  Overheating Problems:
Manhattan Cooling Pad
(Part 2 of 2)

Cutting to the chase, I ended up purchasing the Manhattan Cooling Pad and it works great. My overheating problems seem to be behind me.

I bought the pad because it was one of the few products that advertised how many CFMs it pushed (45 cfm) which is among the highest of the very few I found. It seemed a little pricey at $20, especially since shipping and tax would add about another $10. From the pictures on the web, I liked the simple design: one big 200mm fan. It implies it would be powerful but silent.

I visited my local Fry's to look at some others in person. There were a bunch of no-name pads for around $5, but they didn't seem very effective. I saw an Antec cooling pad for around the price of the Manhattan, but I saw that it was just a big surface area with 3 small fans inside. I wasn't convinced I would get much cooling effect out of it and didn't feel very much from it. I also saw a Zalmann pad which had an even bigger fan, but I couldn't find a CFM claim. The Zalmann is over twice the cost of this pad which I consider extremely pricey. I couldn't find an open box to try.

So I ordered the Manhattan pad. The pad itself seems large to me. I'm used to tiny notebooks, not 15-17 inch monstrosities. But I think this pad would fit those well. The bottom does have a metal cage to wrap/protect the big 200mm fan so you might be able to put this in your lap, but it seems kind of big for that. The bottom isn't completely closed though, so it is possible for things to touch the fan if you aren't careful so I emphasize that you "might" be able to put this in your lap. Since I'm using this for Apple TV, I don't really care about these things, but I thought I would mention them in case anybody is researching the pad for its intended purpose.

The USB power adaptor has a passthrough so you don't lose a USB port when you plug the fan in. I like this feature in general, though I don't really need to plug anything into my Apple TV's USB port. One feature I think is missing though is the ability to adjust the fan speed to higher or slower settings. The fan noise isn't too bad, so in my case, I wouldn't be opposed to cranking up the speed since my Apple TV sits far away from me where I can't hear it anyway.

Finally, even though the pad is larger than the Apple TV, the diameter of the fan hole is a near perfect fit for the Apple TV. The hole is so large that the Apple TV just barely completely covers the hole which means there is no wasted fan air and the Apple TV gets maximum air coverage.

For people who buy it for its intended use with a large laptop, you will probably be satisfied with this product. But definitely for my Apple TV, it solves my problem completely.

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