Blurrr SDK (soft) Launch

I finally publicly announced Blurrr SDK during my Swift on Android talk at try! Swift Tokyo. It is a new SDK focusing on making native cross-platform development easier. It features a common foundation of solid open source cross-platform libraries, such as SDL, while additionally providing a sane way to uniformly manage all different native build system processes. And it supports C, Lua, JavaScript, and Swift. There is also a strong emphasis on decoupling and for everybody being able to understand how everything works under the hood.

Check the Why page on the Blurrr SDK site to learn more, but it comes out of frustrations I’ve been feeling for a long time, especially at Corona Labs and Lanica/Appcelerator.

I was already a fan of Mike Acton and Data Oriented Design before his famous speech at CppCon. And I actually started before Handmade Hero (which I am a huge fan of and highly recommend to everybody). Casey Muratori’s reasons for doing it really resonated with me. So it seems I share similar sentiments and frustrations with our industry.

Blurrr SDK is my small contribution for trying to improve things. I’m frustrated that software development (especially SDKs) have become too bloated & thick and nobody understands how things work anymore. What’s worse is people hit the wall too often with libraries and SDKs too often and their workarounds are ironically more complicated and more work if they had just written the thing correctly in the first place, even if it were from scratch. Instead of getting to the heart of the problem, we pile on more and more “abstraction” layers and pretend it doesn’t cause more problems (like performance and complexity).

So with Blurrr, I am trying to refocus by providing lean, native, libraries that are decoupled, so you can understand how things actually work and add & remove components you don’t need. And I am trying to make native, cross-platform, development more accessible to more people, because too many new developers are afraid of native development (sometimes for legitimate reasons which is something I am trying to fix). And I am sick of the religious language wars. Language is a tool, not a religion. And there are so many other challenges in engineering that are orthogonal to just the language that I think it has become a distraction. So rather than get involved in that pointless fight, Blurrr supports multiple languages and all the core underlying components are written in pure C so everybody can take advantage of them.

Anyway, check out Dance of the Fairies to see what can be done with Blurrr today. Check out my Swift on Android talk to learn about native GUI via IUP about where I plan to go next with Blurrr.

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