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Video Game Evolution (Observations over 30 years)


Last month, I had the privilege to give the keynote speech at CODAME Art + Tech. The theme was video games. Additionally, the Digital Game Museum attended and brought exhibits to show. They are about preserving video games, including things like original art content, boxes, manuals, posters, etc. …

My DuckTales Remastered Commentary: The best Let's Play you'll never hear


People have wanted to know my thoughts on the new DuckTales Remastered since I wrote the DuckTales 25th Anniversary Retrospective.

For authenticity, I wanted to do a Let's Play as I played the game for the first time. And to really geek it up and distinguish it from any other commentary, I invited my friends Niem and Joe who are also fans of the show, know the comics, and know lots of video game history too. 

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