LuaCocoa v0.2 released!


LuaCocoa v.0.2 is now available! This version is faster, smaller, and better than v.0.1.

Release Notes for v 0.2: (Faster, Smaller, Better)
• Big performance improvements over 0.1.
• Optimized initialization/load times. Names are now resolved through a metatable (which calls LuaCocoa.resolveName) so launch times are now very fast.
• Cached parsed XML data so repeated method calls don't have to reparse XML data.

• The LuaCocoa core framework is now over 30% smaller
• Removed ParseKit dependency

• Added LuaCocoa.toCocoa and LuaCocoa.toLua functions to convert between Cocoa and Lua types within Lua scripts.

• Started formalizing support for instance variables in Lua subclassing. (Put your variables in a special table named __ivars.)
• (Thanks to Jonathan Mitchell for feedback, testing, and patches for this.)

• Bug fixes, logging clean ups

• Initial Doxygen for Obj-C & C APIs. Xcode DocSet Documentation provided too.

To learn more about LuaCocoa and grab the binaries, please visit:

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