My DuckTales Remastered Commentary: 
The best Let's Play you'll never hear


People have wanted to know my thoughts on the new DuckTales Remastered since I wrote the DuckTales 25th Anniversary Retrospective.

For authenticity, I wanted to do a Let's Play as I played the game for the first time. And to really geek it up and distinguish it from any other commentary, I invited my friends Niem and Joe who are also fans of the show, know the comics, and know lots of video game history too. 

But this was my first ever Let's Play, and of course I totally screwed up the audio balance. So this is the best commentary you'll never hear [sniff]. 

The commentary was really unique as we were able to reminisce about the television series, the Carl Barks comics, and other classic video games. Not willing to admit total failure, I decided to try to recover and preserve what I could figure out and wrote a closed caption (CC) file for the videos. I was not able to recover everything (there are large sections that are silent, but actually did have material), but I recovered a lot of it.

So the silver lining is that those of you who don't want to watch 4 hours of commentary can just read through transcript/captions really fast since YouTube has a nice interface that let's you scroll through all the captions and jump to sections.

Some highlights:

Direct Input vs. XInput and gripes about Windows gamepad support and needing x360ce
The imprecise analog stick plus game difficulty resulting in kicking our butts
Carl Barks
Don Rosa
The list of DuckTales voice actors
Trivia and discussion of 93 year old Alan Young (Scrooge) and 95 year old June Foray (Magica)
Reminiscing of DuckTales episodes we were reminded of
WayForward behind the scenes trivia about the game
Why I have no nostalgia for 8-bit pixel art due to being a hardcore gamer from that era

Part 1 of 5: Money Bin, Amazon (medium)
Part 2 of 5: Money Bin, Amazon, Transylvania (easy)
Part 3 of 5: African Mines, Himalayas
Part 4 of 5: Moon
Part 5 of 5: End

We had a lot of fun playing the game. I know the reviews have been mixed, but overall, I think it was a great game. (The end of Part 5 contains some closing thoughts.)

Even though I don't expect to ever do another Let's Play (at least for another 25 years), I seem to keep getting into situations where I need a quality microphone but don't have one. I researched microphones after this disaster and another following disaster which will probably be referred to in my next blog. It looks like the Blue Yeti is a quality microphone for the money and does a lot of things I want. Anybody with Blue Yeti experience, please let me know how you like it and if it is suitable for things like the Let's Play I just did with 2-3 people sitting, facing a TV with ambiant game audio coming from the TV.

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