Sandvox updates comment support;
Picking a new comment system


A long time ago, I posted about trying to pick a comment system. At the time, Haloscan was the built-in option for Sandvox, and JS-Kit was the only other alternative I could find.

I was worried about Haloscan because there were complaints that comments were deleted after one year. But I couldn't get JS-Kit to work nicely with Sandvox. (The comment boxes would collide into other parts of the webpage.)

I tried contacting Haloscan about their policy but never heard a word from them.

Well, since then, Haloscan was bought by JS-Kit. Comments have not been removed so far after 1 year as far as I can tell. But interestingly, JS-Kit no longer allows new registrations for Haloscan. I am apparently grandfathered in. But I wonder how long JS-Kit is willing to maintain two completely different systems.

More recently, I have been starting to get more spam comments. I don't have very many comments to begin with, so the proportion of spam to legitimate comments is really high.

Also, Sandvox recently pushed out an update that officially added 3 new comment systems: JS-Kit, Disqus, and IntenseDebate. So I'm thinking it's time to make a change.

I've already tried JS-Kit, so I am up for trying something different. I don't know anything about Disqus or IntenseDebate. Both visually and feature-wise, they seem much more impressive than Haloscan.

One drawback of changing systems now is that I will lose all my old comments (what few there are). So this was one thing I thought about in picking a new system. It sounds like IntenseDebate has some ability to save comments to Wordpress or something, but since I'm not using that either, I don't think that helps me.

After web-surfing for awhile, I started getting the sense that people slightly preferred Disqus over IntenseDebate (though both seemed liked). I got the impression that Disqus was slightly more responsive to users (though I read claims that both were unresponsive).

Not really knowing what to choose, I ended up picking Disqus. I am interested in hearing opinions. How do you like this system? What do you think of Disqus, IntenseDebate, JS-Kit, or sticking with Haloscan? And is there a way to export/import old comments?

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