Somebody Found My Blog! (Update: Zeroconf Printer Advertising)

42px-Avahi-logo.svgIf anybody has been tracking my blog prior to this point, I apologize. I did not expect anybody to find it. (Google is too efficient at crawling.) Prior to this point, this blog was an experimental test for me and I wasn't yet announcing it publicly. 

You might notice that there were a bunch of articles with dates starting from January pushed just today. That's because I started writing those articles back then, but had not finished writing/editing/revising them until today. I figured it was no big deal since nobody has seen my blog. Oops.

Today, I discovered that somebody has indeed been reading my blog (outside my private circle) because somebody left a comment, and a great one too! (More on that in a moment.)

I checked Google Analytics, and while the page hits are still in low numbers, I still generated something much larger than 0. It seems that my Time Machine gripes have generated the most traffic. I don't think the content is probably what people are looking for, but something that the search engines show when searching for something related to Time Machine.

As for the comment, it is tied to my article:

Advertising a legacy network printer with Bonjour (with a little help from launchd) 

It seems that the article inspired Peter Ortner to try this with his own printer and Avahi (a major open source (but non-Apple) implementation of Zeroconf). That's so cool! Thanks Peter!

Peter also mentions that IPP works for him. So when I first tried it myself, I couldn't get it to work. (It looks like data was sent to the printer, but nothing ever printed.) And quick searching for when IPP was ratified seemed to be newer than my printer's network adaptor (though maybe Lexmark had a draft implementation or adopted it in a later firmware). I also couldn't find any mention of IPP in my printer settings. 

For the record, I have an Ethernet 10/100 MarkNet S, Firmware Version 1.10.196.

But I may have to try it again some time since Peter says it works for him.

Update (May 10): I just noticed there was another comment made even earlier in my Leopard Printer Driver Gripes. I just logged into HaloScan for the first time in a long time and there was some cryptic message about messages being archived since I haven't logged in for so long. I feel bad and embarrassed about not noticing this message before. I hope to do better in the future. But this experience feeds my nervousness about using HaloScan. One other interesting tidbit. It looks like HaloScan is running ads from JS-Kit. I was going to point out that they were competitors which made it ironic, but I think they may now have some kind of partnership going on as HaloScan now seems to be using JS-Kit for some new features.

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